Period power

Becoming your own health detective
September 14, 2023
It is NOT just period pains!
September 21, 2023

Little did I know that when I first started bleeding at the young age of 11, it would start the momentum for events that would change my life.

After continuous gynaecologist appointments, fainting episodes and abnormal cells, my womb continued to be a catalyst of growth for my own personal journey. It wasn’t until my late 20s that it led me to discovering an alternative route.

Energetic healing.

This led me on a self-discovery journey during which I started to wonder: how many more women are affected by the debilitating symptoms of their menstrual cycle?

The only path I could see...

Unable to work due to needing regular time off to honour my cycles, the only path I could see moving forward was one in which I would create a cyclical lifestyle.

I decided that the system or work place did not provide the support that was necessary for women to honour cyclical leadership.

The pre-ovulation phase is a sacred time, in which we need to allow our bodies to rest.

Yet we are heavily taught that the cyclical nature of women is to be suppressed. The repression of hormones is encouraged by using drugs including the contraceptive pill.

My journey to self-discovery forced these negative behaviours to be seen and healed. I was tired of the negative programming within my own body.

Our wombs are neglected

I began to see patterns in which, as women, we only notice our wombs when they cause us some sort of pain or discomfort.

This I fell into a state of powerlessness by blaming my womb, when it was merely trying to communicate with me, letting me know that I was going against the nature of my body.

Because I was not giving it the attention, love or support it needed.

It became neglected, abandoned and abused.

I realised I was repeating vicious cycles, in which our natural state as women is a conscious state of oppression.

Using period products which are creating havoc on our reproductive systems.

This is when I decided it was time to stop shunning the fact that I had a womb, and decided to start being the change so I could lead a better life for myself.

You're never 'too broken'

I now believe you are NEVER “too broken” to be who you were destined to become. 

My painful periods, grief, losing loved ones to suicide, miscarriage and the breakdown of a marriage, illness, PTSD, abuse and generational depression all led me to write my first book, The Truth of Trauma, and learn alternative and holistic healing therapies, along with life and business coaching.

I am committed to helping women ascend above the adversities they will face, knowing their destiny is inevitable. I believe there is a better way,  leading the way for oneself. 

Cyclical leadership honours your bleed pattern by aligning it with ease and grace to a cyclical business. 

When we have unprocessed emotions from a loss or trauma in our life, it blocks us from our blessings. When we heal ourselves, we have the power to heal others. 

September 21, 2023

It is NOT just period pains!

September 20, 2023

Period power

September 14, 2023

Becoming your own health detective

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