One in five adults older than 40 are affected by OAB, although the real number is probably much higher since many people suffering from OAB do not seek medical help.
OverActive Bladder syndrome can cause incontinence during sex.
People with OAB enjoy sex a lot less due to fear of leakage and running to the bathroom in the midst of intercourse.
Even though a normal adult bladder can contain up to 600ml, an overactive bladder can only hold up to 200ml of urine.
Tomatoes, citrus fruits, coffee or low fiber intake can all trigger OAB symptoms.
Around 10% of children show symptoms of OAB.
Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is different from OAB and it manifests by urine leakage while exercising, sneezing or laughing.


A sudden urge to urinate caused by muscle contractions in the bladder
Incontinence, or inability to control the bladder
Frequency or the need to urinate eight or more times during the day
Nocturia or urinating two or more times during the night

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