Menopause not in retreat

The itch that you can’t scratch
August 8, 2018
My boyfriend and I can’t have sex for most of the month
August 8, 2018

W hy do so many of us feel unable to talk about the menopause? And why do so many women feel they should just ‘get on with it' or 'tough it out'?
The menopause is quite frankly an inevitability. It can affect our ability to function on a day to day basis and chances are it will impact on those we spend time with, be they family, friends or colleagues.
Communication & education are key. Reach out for help, don't suffer in silence and keep good lines of communication open with all those around you. Read everything you can about the possible symptoms and how best to deal with them. After all, forewarned is forearmed.
No matter how hard your own personal menopause journey is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Post-menopausal zest is alive and kicking. And so are we!
Always remember ladies, we maybe menopausal, but we are not in retreat.
Join us at @Menopause_Cafe and let's keep the conversation going.

September 21, 2023

It is NOT just period pains!

September 20, 2023

Period power

September 14, 2023

Becoming your own health detective

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