It is NOT just period pains

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What came first, the menopausal chicken or the (adrenal) egg?
October 23, 2019
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August 31, 2022

T he main problem here is understanding this condition; then the biggest problem arising from this condition is treatment. Far too many women have to undergo having medication, (and then) it doesn't work; by the time the consultants and doctors have messed around with trying this and that, the condition has worsened. I can see many awful stories here and I really do sympathise, unless you have gone through this terrible condition it's very hard for others to understand, it's a case of "Endo-what?".

The pain is excruciating, it's not "just period pain", it's a hundred times worse than period pain and many doctors, sorry to say it but mainly male, do not understand. I had a female doctor then a female consultant. I kept going thinking it's just severe period pain, until the blood literally seeped through the clothes I was wearing, that is so embarrassing. I saw my GP within a couple of months, I was in with the consultant within the same year and I had a hysterectomy. My bladder and bowel were affected, they had to be scrapped free of all the endometriosis.

I was thirty five at the time. We had three beautiful children so again, I was lucky. So many ladies have this condition and don't or cannot have children because this condition can make you infertile.

My consultant was amazing, she actually.performed my operation and told me that she had left me one ovary in the hopes that it would heal and continue to produce hormones to enable me to carry on without HRT. She was correct because I wasn't bleeding every month, the ovary did heal allowing me to go through the menopause at the correct time.

I would urge all of you ladies to be firm and go for the best treatment available. Do not be fobbed of with painkillers, tablets, they don't work and whilst they are trying you on this, that and the other, the condition worsens. Each month.

I completely and utterly sympathise, been there, done it, got the t-shirt as the saying goes. I realise that for some surgery is not always the answer but neither is tablets, they do NOT work. The only thing that worked for me was surgery.

The plus side is never having another period and never having to have another smear test. Good luck to all you ladies out there and next time you partner says "It's only period pain" tell them to try it and see how they cope with it. My husband was amazing throughout it all and never once complained when he had to take over my role every month, being mum and dad to my children. 

We suffer period pain every month; endometriosis is not period pain, it affects your whole life, the pain is excruciating, the leakage is abundant, nothing can control the flow. We as women just get on with it, but we shouldn't. Ladies, get it checked out NOW before it's too late, women of childbearing age need to know that excessive bleeding with horrendous pain is not just period pain.
I urge you to get yourself medical attention before endometriosis robs you of having children. My message is not just to the younger ladies out there, it's to all who have excessive pain, excessive bleeding, pain in your legs, back and stomach every single month, I urge you all to get it checked out. Never be put off by some doctors who will not refer you to a consultant; see someone else, get your referral. Endometriosis is no lover of the quiet life, it's a hateful malevolent creature encroaching on the periphery of your existence. STAMP IT OUT 😠 Give it a suitcase and send it on its way. I wish good luck to all of you ladies out there with this condition. I got it sorted, I am lucky, I have three daughters and seven grandchildren, three of which are girls not yet ready to start the awful monthly journey. They will be made aware of the symptoms behind endometriosis and urged to be vigilant 💖💖 My love to you all out there with "Endo-what?"💖💖 Stay strong and get it sorted.💖💖👍👍
September 5, 2022

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August 31, 2022

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October 23, 2019

It is NOT just period pains

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