I have no kids…but I DO have a legacy

I didn’t know pain could do that to you
October 16, 2019
My beautiful girls are worth every stitch
My beautiful girls are worth every stitch
October 23, 2019

I  remember being little and trying to figure out the meaning of the word menstruation... Little I knew back then that later in life this would be part of my life mission.

Born in Turin, I was raised as a Catholic but I severed myself from that religious background when I was 16 and to escape this stifling environment, I studied languages hoping that this would give me a chance to travel the world to broaden my mind and knowledge. This happened and, after travelling for work for some time as a tour leader, I settled in UK in 1998 to live with a Briton that I met in the Maldives.

In the following years I tried to have a normal life (whatever normal might be…) and got married, but it didn't work out and had to go through the painful process of divorce. This in fact gave me a much better knowledge about myself and enhanced hugely my self-worth. I can say this of course with hindsight.

After my divorce I was free to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and embark in an expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula to explore fears and limiting beliefs. I wrote a book about it too.

But what really changed my life in a radical way and made me aware of my life mission was learning about menstrual awareness in 2009.

After the disruption of my divorce, being made redundant at work and having to rebuild my social connections as a result of both events, I started having an erratic cycle and looked for some explanations, as I knew that my body was trying to talk to me in an intimate way…

Becoming knowledgeable about the 'inner seasons' of a woman and tracking my female cycle in a way that was much more detailed that just noting dates, opened a new way of living for me that was more organic and feminine: I started conceiving life and the ways it unfolds in a circular way, rather than in the patriarchal linear way.

It's like knowing a secret that totally changes your life: you can't help but live according to this new paradigm and you cannot retrieve your old way of living any more.

It's like looking at the world through ‘rose tinted glasses', you discover every month more about yourself by exploring the four energies of the 'inner seasons' and slowly you get to know the four aspects of the woman inside you, one for each season: the adventurous one in spring, the sociable in summer, the practical and discernible in autumn and the meditative and visionary one in winter. They all live in your body, mind and spirit and have different gifts for you every month, if you pay attention and care to listen carefully to their whispers.

My life would have been very different if I had had this knowledge in my 20s, my self-worth would have sky-rocketed and I would have been less reliant on men's opinion of me, because I would have nurtured my inner authority and validated my intuition and dreams more.

The native American Indians considered a young woman meeting her power at menarche (her first menstruation), practising her power during her menstruating years to then become her power when she would reach menopause. A very different way to consider a woman's journey through life compared to our Western culture that sees a woman losing her power completely when she stops bleeding and being fertile.

Becoming aware of your inner seasons can even help you to deal with pain better. The huge advantage of pain is that it gets your attention. You want it to stop, so it creates an awareness – you are paying attention. It makes you curious to find out more about it, and through that you find out more about yourself as a whole. Once you start a woman on this quest, she won’t go back.

I think that the main purpose of a woman's life is to inspire the world by giving birth to herself first, rather than just be a mother because that is her biological potential.  

There is so much more to a woman than we consciously know, but our society has erased and forgotten the gifts of the Feminine to the advantage of patriarchy and his supremacy over women across the globe; this has been going on for several thousands of years and is still prevalent now.

I don't have kids but I have got a legacy to pass on to future generations: the world at large is my baby and I will nurture it until I die infusing in it all my wisdom that I am remembering little by little from my female predecessors that whisper more and more in my ear the little secrets that women knew once upon a time…

Our womb is the seat of our dreams, besides being our lower heart, therefore a woman should take care of it as the most precious part of her sacred body and deal with her sexuality accordingly.

Period power and cycle wisdom are my message to my sisters in the world!

Love and hugs from The Flying Witch

September 21, 2023

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September 20, 2023

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September 14, 2023

Becoming your own health detective

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