I had 2 daughters after being told I would never conceive naturally

Because of endo I can’t have children
October 4, 2018
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I spent every day of my pregnancy being scared
October 9, 2018

I have polycystic ovaries and was told that I would never conceive naturally.

A year later I discovered that I was 22 weeks pregnant.

I’d had hardly any symptoms of pregnancy up until then but had started to gain weight. I thought I had an ovarian cyst like a friend had so went to GP. My pregnancy all went swimmingly and to term (or to the date they could give me anyway as my periods were so irregular leading up to then).

I went into labour but my daughter suffered brain damage at birth because of negligence by the medical staff. She suffers from severe cerebral palsy. She is now 23. Very beautiful and a wicked sense of humour but needs 24 hour care.

3 years later I discovered I was pregnant again - still irregular periods and so another miracle (particularly as my husband had a very low sperm count also!)

My youngest daughter was born by C-section and is beautiful too. Away at Uni and loving it. She has a heart of gold and loves her sister so much. I love them both and feel very blessed despite what we have gone through and still do go through ❤️

September 21, 2023

It is NOT just period pains!

September 20, 2023

Period power

September 14, 2023

Becoming your own health detective

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