I spent every day of my pregnancy being scared

I had 2 daughters after being told I would never conceive naturally
October 5, 2018
At 25 I was told I’d probably never had children
October 9, 2018

I am 28 years old and battled with my health since I was a teenager. Having had severe stomach cramps and other difficulties I saw several different doctors all of whom diagnosed something different.

Firstly I was told I had polycystic ovaries but this wasn't monitored nor was they prepared to do anything about cysts I had even after I was admitted to hospital with a ruptured cyst. Other diagnosis' included IBS, being overweight and fibromyalgia.

When I reached my 20s I already knew how much I wanted to be a mum and had been unable to conceive for such a long time but still doctors were unprepared to look into why. When I met my husband in 2014 we managed to conceive however lost our first child very early on and we were devastated. Finally doctors started to listen to my constant pain and I was referred for an operation however was told they didn't think they would find anything.

Low and behold I was told when I woke up that I had endometriosis and the surgeon had used laser treatment at which point he told me it was completely cured and he said I did not have polycystic ovaries. I was confused by this as I had seen scans proving I had but let it go as I thought maybe I was through the tunnel at the light at the other end. However, I still had problems following my operation and saw yet another consultant who told me conflicting information that there was no way all the endometriosis had been treated and the only way going forward to keep it at bay was to go on the mini pill which would stop my periods.

I refused this method as I was so desperate to be a mum. Finally in 2015 I fell pregnant with my rainbow baby. The pregnancy was touch and go, I spent every day scared rather then excited that I would loose yet another child but he arrived and now 3 years old. Although my health still isn't great and my pain is now being put down to psoriatic arthritis I wouldn't change everything that has happened as I now have 2 beautiful boys that are my world.

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